Tips For Illuminated Eyes

One of the most sensitive areas of the body is the eye contour. Dark circles, wrinkles and sagging around the eyes clearly indicate improved exclusive attention and care requirement. The healthier and more well-cared your eye contours look, the better you feel.  If you are ready, let’s list our tips for quick and effective eye contour care.

How to Care for the Eye Contour!

The skin tissue around the eyes has a thinner and more sensitive texture compared to other skin tissues. The first step in the care of the eye contour is to ensure the cleanliness of the eye and its circumference. Our eyes are one of the most remarkable parts of our body. Eye contour care is also quite essential in this regard. Eye contour care is often misunderstood as a type of care carried out or should be carried out after a certain age. However, eye care is extremely significant for all ages.

How Should Eye Contour Care Be?

Addressing this fundamental question, we must primarily pay attention to the following;

  • The make-up applied to the eyes and the eye contour should be removed with diligence and care.
  • Following the removal of make-up, moisturizers suitable for the skin type should be used to maintain the moisture balance in and around the eyes.
  • We need to use instant and effective serums suitable for the eye and eye contour.

How to Eliminate Crow’s Feet!

The formation of fine lines around the eyes is one of the most common eye problems. Wrinkles around the eyes may vary depending on age, stress and environmental factors.

  • With a quality sleep pattern, you can prevent both your body and your skin from drying out and looking neglected.
  • Try to drink lots of water. Consuming 2 liters of water a day can make visible differences in your skin.
  • Definitely use the Bebak Pharma Sunscreen With Mineral Solar Filter SPF 50. We recommend wearing sunglasses to prevent the sun from affecting your eye contour.

Keeping the pores around your eyes open and breathing is an extremely essential detail. So remove your eye makeup with due care.

How to Eliminate Dark Circles Around the Eyes!

Eliminating dark circles and bruises around the eyes is actually not as difficult as one can consider. The correct and effective eye care can eliminate dark circles after a while.

Bebak Pharma Eye Care Serum Caffeine & Vitamin C is effective in rejuvenating the eye contour area through the formulating Caffeine and Vitamin C. Ensures a fresh look on the skin by providing a strong moisture balance through Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide. Repairs dark circles, under-eye bruises and crow’s feet, and prevents re-occurrence.  Illuminates the eye contour. Strengthens the skin barriers, giving the skin a tighter and well-cared apperance.