Everything You Need To Know About Very Dry Skin

Have you ever thought about what comes to mind when you think of very dry skin? You may picture tightness, redness and dull skin types. Get ready, here is everything you need to know about very dry skin.

What is Very Dry Skin?

What is Very Dry Skin?

“What is very dry skin?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. Very dry skin is induced by the loss of protective oils (lipids) on the skin surface over time, reducing the skin’s water retention capacity. Very dry skin is more vulnerable and sensitive to external factors. Redness, tightness and discomfort may be experienced due to external factors.

Very dry skin can cause a number of issues in daily life. Some are as follows;

  • Rough skin texture
  • Sensation of tightness in the skin
  • Itchiness, redness
  • Flaking
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Fine lines

Factors Leading to Very Dry Skin!

1- Water: What would you think if we told you that water causes skin to dry out? Yes, you heard it right, skin that has been in contact with excess water for a prolonged period can dry out. The skin, which has been in contact with water for a long time, starts to dry over time as the natural oils in the skin are eliminated.

2- Humidity: The key to keeping the skin healthy and well-cared is the moisture saturation. Dehydration can cause your skin to fall into the very dry skin category at certain periods.

3- Cold Weather: Cold weather dries the skin over time and can lead to flaking of the skin.

4- Skin Care Products and Rough Soaps: Skin care products not suitable for your skin type can disrupt the moisture balance in your skin after a certain period of time and make your skin dry. Rough Soaps; soaps are generally produced to break down oil and dirt. In this regard, rough soap choices can cause your skin to dry out in a short time.

5- Genetic Factors, Age: Diseases, age and genetic factors are among the factors that lead to dry skin. Particularly upon aging, the skin may lose moisture and dry out.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Bebak Pharma – Deep Moisturizing Cream for Dry and Very Dry Skin Prone to Atopy

The formula developed for dry, very dry and sensitive skin helps the skin stay moisturized for an extended period by maintaining the moisture balance and achieve a brighter and more vibrant appearance. The formulating extracts of Anatolian chestnut and Tasmanian pepperberry support the soothing of skin and increase the tolerance level. Rapid absorption ensures convenience of use.

How to Use: Gently massage onto your cleansed face in circular motions during your daytime and night-time routine.

Ceramide: Ceramides are a type of lipid which helps build the skin barrier and retain moisture in the skin. Helps protect the skin against environmental nuisance such as irritants and pollution. Moreover, supports the repair of the skin barrier and minimizes the irritation possibly caused by acids. Thus, helps increase the moisture level of the skin to the desired levels.

Trehalose: This is a type of sugar keeping the skin hydrated by means of the water-binding function. Ensures hydration of the skin by protecting against dehydration in dry periods by means of its regenerative characteristic. Moreover, protects skin cells against external factors and acts as an antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals damaging the skin.

Chestnut Leaf Extract: This is an exclusive extract of hand-harvested organic certified leaves of the chestnut tree grown in the Ardéche and Cher regions of France. Effectively helps strengthen the skin barrier, resulting in a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin. Gives the skin a moustirized, vibrant and clear appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid: The hyaluronic acid provides a brilliant skin appearance through the high-water retention capacity. Locks moisture in the skin and prevents dryness. Nourished and saturated with moisture, the skin’s repair mechanism acts rapidly and minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections. Also helps the skin acquire a youthful appearance by increasing skin elasticity. The skin texture looks voluminous, youthful, vibrant and refreshed.