How Should Lip Care Be Done During Winter Months?

Winter months in our country are quite hard and tough. This causes the values in our body change. Our body loses its moisture and vitality especially in winter months. Thus, chapping occurs in some parts of our bodies. What happens to us the most is lip chapping. Such chapping mostly seen in women in winter months shows us why it is important to do lip care.

When we do not show the necessary care to our lips, lips lose their moisture and vitality and chapping occurs, which bothers us a lot.  Our article addresses women, given that especially women have difficulties regarding lip care. In this article, we will mention the lip issue and explain how to have healthy lips by providing all the information about lip care.

Why Our Lips Are Chapping?

Our lips are generally tense in winter months. The reason is that our body is dehydrated and lips do not have sebaceous glands. To avoid these kind of situations, our lips should be moisturized. Most of us do our lip care through moisturizers, yet, we also do it by licking them at times. Licking our lips is dangerous in terms of lip health. Our saliva left on the lip that we have licked dries at an incredible speed and leave a drier lip. Saliva also irritates lip and lip area and causes more damage.

Do Not Neglect Drinking Water

There are lots of materials to do lip care. But before coming to this, an important step is to drink water. Water consumption increases in summer months, yet, decreases to lower levels in winter months, unfortunately. We come to think that we do not have water loss and our hunger for water is low. In fact, we should continue water consumption without decreasing it just like in summer months. Experts state that we should consume a minimum of 2 liters of water a day and emphasize that this is imporant both in terms of physical health and that it is good to skin.   The fact that we generally neglect drinking water is a huge loss for our body, therefore, it is important to start lip care with water at first.

What Should Lip Care Be Used For?

We do not forget drinking water, which is of vital importance for our bodily functions, but is it enough for lip care by itself? Unfortunately, our answer can be “No” at times. This results from the structural characteristics of our body and skin. Some measures should be taken to prevent drying and eventually chapping of our lips. Although these methods are different from each other, the most effective one is a moisturizer lip care balms that both maintain the moisture balance of your lip and provide a nicer appearance. In winter months, your lips will have a healthy appearance with Bebak Moisturizer Lip Balm that has E vitamin in its content and protects your lip by nourishing it as well as Bebak Sunscreen Lotion Lip Balm SPF 50+ that diminishes the hazardous effects of the sun to minimum. You can have well-groomed lips with Bebak Moisturizer Lip Care Balms that you can use everytime you feel your lips are dried throughout the day.