Attention While Cleaning the Genital Area!

There are lots of points to consider while doing personal cleaning. Most of these points are consisted of sensitive areas. One of them is genital area cleaning. Genital area, which is the first among the sensitive points of our bodies, should be treated with an accurate cleaning method. In this article regarding how this area, i.e. intimate area, should be cleaned, we will try to guide you.

Always Dry the Genital Area After Shower

Most of us want to relax upon coming home after an intense working day. Of course, we feel the need to clean every part of ourselves with body shampoos while in shower. So far, everything is normal. Yet, sometimes we start out wearing our underwear before the genital area is completely dried after doing genital area cleaning either because of rushing or ignorance. This move is the first among the mistakes made. Experts warn the people against this matter and emphasize that it is wrong to dress before the genital area is completely dried. This results in the rapid growth of harmful bacteria and fungi there and eventually area-based health problems. We should definitely dry the genital area after showering. We can do this with a soft towel that does not irritate our skin or a hair dryer. Thus, we remove all the factors resulting from such wetness.

When we say genital area wetness, we should not only be thinking of the wetness that occurs after showering. The wetness occuring in our bikini line when we go into the sea or pool. Experts draw attention to the damages of keep wearing wet bikinis for a long time. Thus, they warn us against the complications that will occur there. We should definitely wear a dry bikini after going into and out the sea or pool so that we can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

How to Remove Genital Area Hair?

Another subject that comes to mind about body care and cleaning. There are various methods to remove genital area hair. Among these, there are methods such as wax, epilation, bikini line razor, depilatory. All of these methods can be used. However, it is important to wet these areas before removing them. The reason is that the hair is hard when it is dry and the difficulty of removing them. When it is considered that removing them dry will damage the skin as well, this situation will also cause the growth of dangerous bacteria and fungi on the genital area. The risk of bleeding upon irritation should also be considered.

Do Not Use Soap

Another common mistake while showering is to use soap in genital area cleaning. The Ph value of the intimate area is highly sensitive. Soap negatively affects the pH balance of that area. You can use Bebak Intimate Area Wash Gel, which is specially developed for this, you can maintain the health of your genital area both without disturbing its Ph value and in a clean way.  To use Bebak Intimate Area Wash Gel is quite easy. You can apply it to your intimate area with a sponge, bath puff or by spilling it to your hand. Then,  you can wash there with warm water and rinse with plenty of water. Bebak Intimate Area Wash Gel takes care of you and your skin as well as protecting your health.